Timing and Scoring


As rodeo’s popularity increases, so is the knowledge and expectations of the spectators.

Using Daktronics Dakstats program coupled with their timing equipment, including electronic eyes, and auto horn we display real time results for each cowboy or cowgirl as they ride. We also run your sponsors before and during the rodeo as much as possible. We can also display your bullfighters, clowns, chute sponsors if you like and anyone else you would like to see up on the board. We provide radios and judges consoles for communicating with the arena for information throughout the rodeo.

Long gone are the days of rodeo announcers yelling into a bull horn to keep spectators apprised of all the action. Although the rodeo action is basically the same, the methods of informing and entertaining the crowds have come a long way.

As rodeo moves into the new millennium, technology is becoming an increasingly important part of every production. Rodeo contestants enter rodeos through a computerized entry office. The Internet is fast becoming a valuable tool for getting rodeo results, information on upcoming rodeos and statistics regarding individual contestants.

Two-way radio systems are used to communicate information to the operators. The system was specifically designed to keep rodeo fans aware of the upcoming competitors, scores, and times, leaders, sponsors and any other arena activity.

The wealth of information provided by the Pro West Rodeo Scoreboard is tremendous. The announcers responsibilities include keeping up with all the times and scores, which contestant is competing next and relaying that information to the spectators. Having the technology of the electronic scoreboards makes it much easier to be an effective announcer. It allows the freedom of commenting on the actual events without being concerned about who is coming up next or what the current leaders are.

Other Sports

From taking a feed from your timing system to running sponsor names, messages,and any other information you would like to be seen, we give your spectators and contestant a way to be more involved in the sporting event as well as showcasing your sponsors.